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SoftiRover « e-K18 »




About SoftiRover « e-K18 »

The Softi Rover electric robot has been designed to perform all the tasks involved in growing crops in open fields.


The Softi Rover e-K18 is a compact, 18 kW machine that can work as part of a team if required. Weighing in at 1.5 tonnes, it can easily be transported on an equipment carrier. Its lithium battery gives it 4 hours of autonomy. This agricultural robot has the architecture of an articulated tractor, with weight on the front and a hitch point for trailed implements on the rear. This gives it good grip on slopes and cloddy terrain. RTK guidance ensures precise trajectory. In addition, if required, a second device will take charge of the tool, with steering discs anchored in the ground.

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