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Robot One V2023




About Robot One V2023

Robot One is a cutting-edge agricultural robot designed for smart farming without the use of artificial chemicals. Robot One is one of the smart agricultural robots, designed by Pixelfarming Robotics to control weeds without the use of artificial chemicals. It is designed to control plants and weeds autonomously, based on computer vision and ready to be equipped with tools for specific crop treatment.
Robot One works on the principle of “Scan & Act”. With the use of high-resolution cameras Robot One can make a scan of the field. By using Artificial Intelligence, you can train Robot One to recognize your crop. By choosing a tool like the streamer or laser, you can decide what action Robot One must do to remove the weeds.
Cultivation without herbicides requires smart biological solutions and in-depth knowledge of plant interactions. With high end vision processing capacity onboard and high-speed connections to the cloud, Robot One it is perfectly suited for large-scale, preferably biodiverse, environments.
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