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About H3O-SpotOn

H3O-SpotOn uses satellite navigation and machine vision to reduce the amount of pesticides used in orchards and vineyards by up to 40%. This leading-edge technology has been implemented, tested, verified, and demonstrated in the Living lab environment in Slovenia (vineyards) in collaboration of ITC/DIH AGRIFOOD, Poland (apple orchards), and adapted for Tunisia (citrus trees).


H3O-SpotOn benefits
– Remote management of sprayers as well as spot spraying.
– With robotics and smart systems, H3O-SpotOn reduces pesticides used by up to 40%. H3O-SpotOn is an effective solution for crop protection to reduce the amount of pesticides while also preserving the yield of your crops and the health of the environment.
– Spray water savings.
– Time savings executing treatments.
– Fuel savings.
– Noise reduction.
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