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K.U.L.T. InRow eActuator




About K.U.L.T. InRow eActuator

The K.U.L.T. InRow eActuator is an electromechanical weed control module that can be easily integrated into agricultural systems using autonomous or semi-autonomous tractors and electric robots. It meets the requirements of future-oriented agriculture. Its intelligent motor control and BUS gateway ensure precise, reliable weed control.

Advantages of the K.U.L.T. InRow eActuator compared with hydraulic and pneumatic actuators:

– Constant control of working speed, even in variable soil conditions.

– Energy-efficient operation, independent of fossil fuels.

– Reduced mechanical complexity for high reliability and low maintenance.

– Operates independently of oil temperature and viscosity.

– Reduced weight, resulting in less soil compression.

– Remote diagnostics to avoid downtime.

– Features a CAN BUS gateway, making it easy to retrofit or integrate into an intelligent machine.

– Controls blade opening frequency without manual intervention, making it easy to retrofit and integrate into intelligent equipment solutions, even from other manufacturers.

The K.U.L.T. InRow eActuator is the result of a collaboration with IWN GmbH & Co. KG.
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