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OPAL-RT: Pioneering Real-Time Simulation for a Sustainable Future:
For over two decades, OPAL-RT has stood at the forefront of innovation, driving a global revolution in real-time simulation. Since its creation in 1997, the company has played a pivotal role in transforming industries, offering innovative solutions to sectors ranging from automotive and aerospace to power electronics and power generation.

Revolutionizing Industries Through Real-Time Simulation:
OPAL-RT’s journey is grounded in the belief that real-time simulation empowers visionaries to materialize innovative ideas. By offering state-of-the-art simulation technology, the company accelerates product development and ensures energy transmission reliability. One of OPAL-RT’s core offerings is the provision of systems to test and develop controllers embedded in various applications, from cars and airplanes to trains and electrical systems. With our high-performance systems, we can simulate the most complex electro-mechanical device. As an example, the embedded computer that controls the electrical motors and batteries of hybrid or fully electric vehicles is tested with OPAL-RT products. High-performance systems enable the simulation of the most complex electro-mechanical devices.

Mission: Reducing Costs and Delays
At the core of OPAL-RT’s mission is the commitment to help customers reduce costs and delays in complex mechanical and electrical system design, prototyping, and testing. The company achieves this by delivering high-performance simulation systems that are both open and easy to use. The goal is to make real-time simulation efficient, precise, and accessible to all.

Vision: Democratizing Real-Time Simulation
Founded with the visionary goal of democratizing real-time simulation, OPAL-RT envisions a future where every engineer and researcher has a real-time simulator on their desk. In the future, the only limit to complex system design is one’s imagination. This ambitious vision drives OPAL-RT’s commitment to making simulation technology universally accessible.

Core Values: The Pillars of OPAL-RT’s Success
OPAL-RT’s success is firmly rooted in a set of core values that guide every aspect of its operations. Performance is prioritized, giving users the freedom to simulate complex systems with precision and increasing execution speed. Fast innovation is fueled by creativity, pushing the company to research and build solutions that meet even the most complex needs.

Cooperation is fundamental to OPAL-RT’s approach, concentrating on solutions that ensure success by working closely with clients from project inception to completion. The company’s openness extends to both its approach and equipment, offering flexibility for custom solutions. Caring is a central value, with OPAL-RT opting for a systemic approach that places employees, customers, and partners at the core of its business.

Recognitions and Achievements:
OPAL-RT’s commitment to excellence has garnered widespread recognition. The company recently earned the prestigious Mercuriades Telus award in 2023; has been named one of Les Affairs’ « Les 300 Plus Importantes PMEs du Quebec 2023 », received the Profit 500 Award for being one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2017 and the HSBC International Business Awards in 2013 which further underscores OPAL-RT’s impact on the global stage.

Quality and Sustainability:
As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, OPAL-RT emphasizes quality in every aspect of its operations. The production and integration teams have been annually certified since 2013, ensuring a consistent commitment to delivering high-quality products. OPAL-RT’s contribution to various industrial and academic projects reflects its dedication to developing environmentally friendly power systems, motors, and networks.

Giving Back to the Community:
Beyond its technological advancements, OPAL-RT is deeply committed to giving back to the community. The company encourages initiatives such as fundraising for organizations and actively supports students, university chairs, and R&D university programs. This commitment to social responsibility is integral to OPAL-RT’s identity, fostering a culture of care, integrity, transparency, and collective dedication to sustainable development.

OPAL-RT’s journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and societal responsibility. As the company continues to shape a better future through innovative technology and a values-driven approach, it stands as a beacon in the realm of real-time simulation, empowering engineers, and researchers worldwide.

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