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Robot, Drone & Machinery manufacturers

The Netherlands


Odd.Bot is spearheading the shift to sustainable agriculture by addressing the challenges of chemical and manual weeding. Our fully autonomous weeding robots currently provide a Weeding-as-a-Service solution, ensuring weed-free fields efficiently.

Introducing the Trailblazer program in the Netherlands, a collaboration between Odd.Bot and forward-thinking farmers set to introduce Robots-as-a-Service for farmers in 2024.

If you have weeding challenges, secure your spot at and also stay updated on our new groundbreaking ‘Maverick’- system, the autonomous mechanical in-row weeding robot with dual arms, which will be available for purchase in 2025.

Detailed Product Presentation of ‘The Weader’ at FIRA:

Join us at FIRA to witness ‘The Weader,’ a revolutionary autonomous implement featuring:

– In-Row Weed Detection: Utilizing advanced A.I. technology, it precisely identifies and removes weeds within crop rows, even in high-density crops, without causing harm to the crops.

– Chemical-Free Weeding: Providing a sustainable alternative to chemical herbicides, promoting environmentally friendly and organic farming practices.

– Instant Mechanical Removal: Weeds are instantly and completely removed, preventing competition with crops for nutrients, space, sunlight, and resources.

– Versatile Integration: This all-in-one detection and removal module can be seamlessly integrated by OEMs and system integrators into various (self-driving) agricultural machinery, expanding automation opportunities in the farming sector.

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