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Fixposition is a Zurich-based company that has emerged as a leader in precise positioning technology. As a spin-off from ETH Zurich, we’ve pioneered the development of the Vision-RTK 2, a second-generation sensor that excels in delivering unmatched accuracy, even in challenging GNSS environments. This achievement is made possible through our innovative deep fusion technology, which seamlessly integrates computer vision and satellite navigation, making it compatible with third-party correction services.

With a global presence, Fixposition has expanded its operations across EMEA, North America, and Asia-Pacific. We’ve successfully partnered with over 60 companies worldwide, including industry leaders like Agtonomy, Greenzie, and Screening Eagle, with more collaborations to come. The Vision-RTK 2, our flagship product, is easily accessible to customers worldwide through our extensive network of distributors.

The Vision-RTK 2 is a made-in-Switzerland high-end sensor fusion solution that provides real-time high-accuracy pose information in all scenarios, including in GNSS degraded and denied environments.

Position drift is distance-dependent as opposed to time-dependent as commonly found in traditional GNSS/INS devices.

The dual-antenna and built-in IMU provide reliable heading information even at low velocities or when standing still.

Additionally, it can accept wheel odometry data and has internal recording memory. Browser-based GUI is supported by ROS and ROS 2 with resources in Github.

The technology can be deployed in a diversity of industries such as:
– Autonomous shuttles
– Small-medium-sized robots used for delivery, patrolling, rescue, and cleaning
– Robot lawnmowers
– Agricultural robots such as tractors, harvesters, planters, and sprayers
– Small high-volume agricultural robots
– Off-highway autonomous robots
– Logistics and more.

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