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About K.U.L.T.iScan

The new K.U.L.T.iScan module uses artificial intelligence (AI) to control weed growth, reducing the need for labour or herbicides.

The heart of the module is the plant recognition system. The images generated are analysed by the software to determine the exact position of the centre of the plant, so that InRow actuators can be used to hoe the soil as precisely as possible, as close as possible to the plant.

After the inter-plant blades (InRow) have passed through, Kress fingers can be used to complete the work by separating the soil from the weeds that have already been cut in order to improve the efficiency of the pass and better control regrowth.

The entire machine is camera-guided, enabling it to work effectively at more advanced stages and without the need for an inter-plant module.

For the time being, technical validation has been carried out on organic sugar beet, but the module is already being used on other crops with very satisfactory results. With fewer active ingredients available for conventional crops, and political and social demands for alternative weed management methods, the K.U.L.TiScan is another way of meeting these challenges.
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