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About ICARO X4

The ICARO X4 robot has been entirely developed by Free Green Nature engineers. ICARO X4 is the world’s first hybrid robot for treating vineyards and orchards with UV-C rays, enabling a significant reduction in the use of chemicals in agriculture.


ICARO X4 is a technological product comprising 16 patents, each with its own specific function. The key element of the robot is its large, foldable UV-C emitting panels, which are emitted and applied to the plant to be treated simply by passing the panel a few centimeters from the leaves. Applying UV-C rays of a specific wavelength to the plant triggers a biological mechanism that stimulates the plant’s immune defenses. The UV-C rays also break down the DNA of pathogens such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis, preventing them from developing on the plant.


As well as drastically reducing the use of chemicals in viticulture, this robot also reduces CO2 emissions, thanks to an engine with an integrated hybrid system.


Finally, to make the robot completely autonomous at work, Free Green Nature has developed a RTK system, a telemetry system accessible from a smartphone, a weather analysis station and security cameras equipped with artificial intelligence. More than a machine, it’s an intelligent system capable of working 24 hours a day in total autonomy.


The robot is fully autonomous thanks to an intelligent weather station that centralizes information on wind, temperature, humidity, dew point and rainfall. All this data will be analyzed by this station, called COMMANDANT ICARUS X4. The role of this decision-making tool is to detect the optimum stage in the development of pathogens. Each time an alert is triggered, the COMMANDANT will emit a radio signal that will activate the ICARO X4. It will survey the various rows of vines and orchards and apply UV-C rays when the micro-organisms have conditions favorable to their multiplication. By adjusting the intensity of the UV-C sprayed on the leaves, the ICARO X4 can adapt to the different stages of vegetation and maintain maximum effectiveness. Its autonomy means it can be used on vines and orchards at any time of day, whatever the season.


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