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About T3M

The T3M group, a thriving family business, uniting over 320 individuals who embody a strong team spirit, fostering a culture of collaboration, sharing, and a collective desire for success.

Our success is built on a foundation of autonomy and high delegation, implemented across all facets of our group. This strategic model not only yields commendable economic results but also ensures a high level of satisfaction among our management teams.

In our enduring commitment to fostering a positive workplace environment, we place immense trust in our employees, reciprocated by their deep gratitude. Beyond the pursuit of results, our paramount concern lies in the well-being of our colleagues. This reciprocal trust forms the core of our organisational ethos.

To fortify this trust, we meticulously clarify the organisation’s structure and mission parameters. The clarity instills profound confidence in both the company and individual team members. Notably, we’ve proactively addressed workplace stress by introducing modules dedicated to stress management, a widely appreciated initiative instituted two years ago.

Four years ago, we took a significant step forward by establishing the T3M Academy, an internal training structure aimed at elevating the skills and self-confidence of our workforce. This commitment is exemplified by our technicians, who dedicate at least one month per year to continuous training.

Our organisational strength lies in a matrix structure, focusing on independent centre managers supported by specialists from each sector of T3M’s diverse businesses.

As a prominent player in the agro-equipment sector in France, T3M is dedicated to sustaining its leading position by accelerating external growth programmes. Through each growth phase, the integration of new businesses and individuals enriches T3M’s collective intelligence, both technically and humanly. In the assimilation of new entities and new people, our focus is on analysing their potential contributions to the group rather than imposing conformity. This strategy optimises our operations, ensuring a smooth integration into the structure while preserving the individual identity of each team member.

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