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About Traxx

Traxx, the autonomous straddle tractor for narrow vineyards
Our single-row self-propelled straddle tractor combines safety and reliability for both tillage and spraying. It features an ergonomic remote control for simple, instinctive management. A smartphone interface is also available, so you can keep track of the job in hand and check the progress of the work in hand.
The compact configuration of our high-clearance straddle enables it to be adapted to a wide range of vineyards, while limiting soil compaction. It is fitted with low-pressure tyres adapted to different types of soil, for better ground clearance.
It's also fitted with high-sensitivity bumpers and a LIDAR for maximum user safety.
The TRAXX PREMIUM service provides full user support and training to help you make the most of your autonomous straddle tractor.
Main technical specifications :
Standard chassis: 112 cm track / 155 cm clearance under tunnel (165 cm option)
Wide chassis: 140 cm track / 155 cm clearance under tunnel (165 cm option)
Weight without tools: 1800 kg
Diesel engine
Available power: 56 hp
Average range: between 30 h and 35 h
Average fuel consumption: 3 to 4 l / hour
Hydraulic flow: 56 l / min
All types of soil-working tools: crumbling discs, inter-row blades, Kress stars


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