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Crover Grain Storage Management



United Kingdom

About Crover Grain Storage Management

The CROVER robot swims thorough bulk solids and powders like large bulks of cereal grains and pulses stored in sheds and warehouse and enables:
Mapping the condition to the grain with a higher resolution and data points density than possible with static solutions (and at a lower cost per measurement location compared to sites with 20+ static sensors)
Stirring the grain bulk, helping prevent and break crust, arching and ratholing
Collecting samples at depth within the bulk
Short intro video:

The data collected by the CROVER robot be either downloaded locally, fed into existing digital systems, or visualized via its companion web app at

As the first device in the world able to move omni-directionally in granular bulks, the CROVER robot also represents a major breakthrough in robotics and locomotion, as a platform that enables different technologies, be it sensors, sampling modules or pest control agents to reach areas of the bulk that they couldn't otherwise.


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